Illegals get drivers licenses in California

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Jan 12, 2015.

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    I was surprised last week when I saw on the news that illegals are now getting drivers licenses here in California.

    First, it's the obvious flawed logic that makes you laugh, but at the same time maybe the FED will step in at some point and use the data to round up and deport all of them.

    This was actually voted on (and didn't pass) right before Arnold became Governor and it was one of the reasons for the recall election back then in 2003. The bad thing is it never came back up for a vote during the last elections so it looks like our current Governor just decided to do it on his own. I don't know what the idiot was thinking, but I hopefully it will backfire again and worse than before.
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    See here in Louisiana we have the "motorist voter" thing. You check a box when getting your drivers license and your registered to vote just like that!! Could this be a devious attempt at exploding the voter base in favor of a certain party? :icon_crazy:
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    Yeah and that was one of the reasons why we got so mad when they tried to do it back in 2003.

    The real issue is you must be a U.S. citizen to vote so if illegals start voting it completely violates the U.S. constitution, but try and tell that to some of the wacko nutcase politicians here in California like Brown who ignore it and idealize Communism instead.

    What's irritating is they did this and kept really quiet about. Then we hear about it on the news last week.
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    You know back in the day when people like Eugene McCarthy and others started the "RED" scare and were persecuting people left and right many Americans slowly became outraged until it finally stopped and went away, remember?

    The problem is the older I get and the more this crap goes on the more I think people like McCarthy were right and it was probably a huge mistake they didn't succeed. 30 years ago and even 20 years ago I would have never said that and I believed just like most Americans who were outraged and thought people like McCarthy were nutcases, but not anymore. I'm actually now starting to believe people like McCarthy were right.

    If you look at the patten today it's getting to where they are making almost everything illegal, you have to be politicaly correct, and the politicians in charge are doing things on their own often violating the U.S. constitution in the process. If it's not one thing then it is another. Just ask yourself what political ideology does that fall under? It sure isn't Capitalism and it's not Socialism either.