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    Why is there no general chit chat section for small talk..?
    If I buy a membership what can I download.?
    btw I am Dave (silver streak) from Tulsa.
    My call sign is :
    Whiskey Five David Michael Gullette

    1461013_10201031224204019_2043193992_n.jpg DKLatGalveston.JPG My.HankJr.logo.jacket.jpg

    My Pictures..?
    Me showing my brothers in Tulsa my DJI Phantom.
    Me, my sister and one of my brothers in Galveston for our annual week long stay.
    My new leather jacket just after my sister in law painted my favorite bands logo on it.

    You should setup another section in the forum for Software Defined Radio.
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    Well, I had to move your posts here to the QSO fourm. This is the chit chat forum.
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    Okay well when I saw the QSO section I assumed it was for actual ham radio contacts.
    Hey are your parents still living in that house near 61st street..?
    I was in Tulsa for xmas from Dec 23rd thru the 31st.
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    Oh, is this David? The guy who lived a few blocks away back in the CB days?

    I live and work here in California now and yeah, my folks still live there.
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    Silver Streak was my CB name, yes I am him.
    The last time I saw you was just before you moved to Cali.
    Then a few years later I think I called you on the phone in Cali
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    I don't think I've seen or spoken with you since the early 1980's unless you stopped by one time when I was at my mom and dad's house in the front yard or something. I just don't remember. About the only person I still keep in touch with there is David Martin and we get together whenever I go back. I helped him get his ham ticket a few years before moving out here. He recently married his old high school girlfriend, the one he use to bring to Bubbles Pond at night during the parties we had there back in the 1970's. Remember Bubbles Pond?

    Hey, remember the time back when I had that last good stereo system with the 4 speakers where I had two of them on the floor laying long-ways and tilted up against the wall and we got really stoned listening to the new Stones Live album the night it came out? I think it was like 1981 :lol:

    Below is the XYL and I at my company's Xmas party.

    Then below is our 6 year old daughter.

    As you can see a lot has happened since the 1980's, like me weighing around 240lbs now ::) .I think I remember you telling me you had moved to Texas, but that was probably more than 30 years ago.
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    That's pretty much digital and kinda outta the realm of analog, I think. I had created a page tab around a year ago with direct frequency links to a few of the SDR's online, but it got to be too much of a hassle having to constantly update those links due to the source IP addresses being dynamic.

    Oh, is your mom or dad also still alive and living in that same house in the cult-de-sac? I'm assuming that's why you went there during xmas.
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    I went ahead and renamed the QSO forum back to Chat again like it used to be then created two new Chat forums, one in the audio section and then one in the video section. That's actually something I had been thinking about and why I had renamed Chat to QSO in the first place because it was still in the radio section after I expanded the board with the two new sections. Hopefully having one in each section now will help, make more sense and avoid future confusion.
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    Hey sorry for my inactivity, had issues going on here.. I am about to Babble..
    In my past I was a forum Moderator.. In fact at one time I was Moderating 5 forums at the same time.
    Oh wow, your daughter is beautiful, she has your eyes..
    My dad is still in the house that I grew up in Tulsa, we celebrated his 87th birthday November 5th.
    Mom had a couple strokes in 2005 and 2007, she passed in 2008.
    Bubbles pond was on the hill where the Falls apartments are. Well not called Falls apartments anymore.
    You and I got high listening to the Rolling Stones, Yes..
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    I'll be going back to Tulsa this spring or summer for a visit. Last time was the summer of 2014. Every time I go there I get really bored fast so we only stay about a week max before saying "it’s time to go!". Not much to really do there. It's not like living out here in the West. I've been thinking about possible retirement in Texas near the DFW area, but I'm not sure I could stand that type of environment anymore.

    I think the last time I saw you was around 1982 or 83. Then maybe you did drive by and stopped to say high one day while I was out in my folk’s front yard like maybe a year or two later or during that same earlier time. That’s all I can remember. Although, I do remember sometime just after 1980 when you started getting a little weird on us after the Urban Cowboy movie came out because you started wearing those western style clothes and cowboy hat. Maybe that’s why you moved to Texas :mrgreen:

    Ok on being a forum moderator. I started this website under a different name (originally just a few pages) back right before Windows 95 came out via a fee web-hosting plan, then it went from there for about the past 23 years.

    Oh, Bubbles Pond wasn’t where the Falls Apartments were. Bubbles Pond was over further southwest from there. Back then it was all two-lane roads and empty fields so I’m trying to remember if we got to it from Yale or Harvard, but it was over there behind Saint Frances Hospital or just little ways west from there. Everything in that area looks completely different now so it’s hard to remember.

    I really don’t remember anyone else from back then that I still know or keep in touch with other than David and my folks. Most of the guys I knew are either dead now or just faded away. I tried to track down the other Dave before I moved who lived over there near 21st and Mingo. Remember him, Dave Hancock? I use to work on his radios too. I finally tracked him down online via one of the people search websites just a few years ago and it looks like he got divorced, moved to Phoenix and then died sometime after. His ex-wife and son still live in Tulsa so I’m not sure what happened.
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    Getting bored in Tulsa, boy do I know how you feel. But things are changing in Tulsa.
    In fact starting this year (it was recently voted into effect) Tulsa will finally start
    selling strong beer in the convenient stores. No more will you have to go to the liquor
    stores just to get strong beer. Also now that Tulsa finally has a larger concert hall
    the bigger bands that never came to Tulsa will finally make it there.

    The last time I saw you was just after 1996. I remember that because in March
    of 1996 I got my ham radio license and I came by to tell you that I got my ticket.
    I was hoping that you had the license too. I remember you had 19 inch rack mounted
    ham radio gear that went from the floor up to like 6 feet high and a really nice stereo

    I can't remember, but did you graduate from Memorial high school in 1979 or 1980..?
    If you want to find friends from high school then get on Facebook.
    Scott and Curt Herzfeld are both on Facebook and I was thinking that you graduated
    the same year as one of the Herzfelds. Curt graduated in 79 and Scott in 80.
    I have found over 100 classmates on Facebook that I graduated with.
    We all use facebook to arrange small reunions or get togethers.
    We usually all meet up at some bar or night club.

    Dave Hancock died, sorry to hear about that. Yes I tried to track him down multiple
    times online too. I remember that he worked for Unit Rig of Tulsa. He was a welder.
    Yes I remember him well as well as his son named Dave.
    I remember that he was a member of the Moose Lodge and he took me out to the
    Moose Lodge one time. Everyone in there was gambling for money.
    They had it setup in some way that the cops could not come in.
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    It's mostly the appearance of everything and the lifestyle there, not to mention the weather. A big part of it is the climate. I could not stand the humidity in the spring, the cold winters and the super-hot summers. There is no way I could ever live there again, it would just make me too depressed.
    That's the thing, I don't remember that. You must have if you remember the transmitter. Is what you remember the below? I didn't really have a good stereo back then anymore. That was in the early 1980's.

    000_0005.jpg IMG_0685.jpg
    Yes, but before that.
    That's the thing, Dave liked to go to places and gamble. He always kept trying to get me to go to Vegas with him to gamble and because he liked the hookers there. Who's knows, but he may have gone to Vegas, lost all of his money and didn’t return home and wound up in Phoenix before dying. That or he was laid off from his job in Tulsa and just took off when he split from his wife.

    Yes, his son David Jr. still lives in Tulsa along with his mother. I had thought about calling him to see what happened when I found their addresses and phone numbers when I did that search, but I never did. But yes, Dave did die in Phoenix. That’s what the records said and it all traced back to their old address near 21st and Mingo. I think the only reason Dave and I ever became friends was because were we both born in Fort Wayne Indiana so we always had that connection.
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    Okay so wait, now you have me confused. What year did you finish high school..? I finished in 1978 and I always thought that you were younger than me.
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    That's what happens when you get old, your memory starts to fade like when you said you stopped by in 1996, but I don’t remember it.
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    Okay well Mike Broderick and Brad Mickelson both good friends of mine that were in your graduating class.
    Mike is on Facebook and we frequently message about the old CB days. His handle was Swordtale, his dad was Stinky.
    His dad got hit big time by the FCC because of running high power. His dad had a moonraker beam.
    Brad Mickelson and I hung around quite a bit between 1985 and 1992. He an I took a week long trip to Texas.
    Brad was diagnosed with Schizophrenia right before he would have graduated.
    At present he resides in a really nice home for people with disorders in Sallisaw Oklahoma.
    Pamla and Paula Poulos are both on Facebook. There was a guy named Bronson that always hung around
    with Craig Boos. Just a few names from your class that are on Facebook.
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    To be honest, some of those names sound familiar, but I don't really remember. They may have been in the graduating class, but probably were not in any of my classes. At the same time, I cannot remember the names of the people who were my classes either. High school is/was pretty much a blur to me. It took me awhile to even remember you, then I remembered because I pictured your mom and dad’s house in my head and it all started coming back. It took me a while to remember Dave's last name too while I was writhing that post. I had to stop and think about it a while.

    Anyway, there are only like maybe 4 or 5 people max other than my folks that I can even recall from Tulsa anymore. I'm serious too, I've been gone from there for the past 18 years and I don't think about the place or the people there very often and really have no reason or even want to. I just go back to see my mom and dad ever few years then contact David Martin before I go so we can make plans to get together before arriving. He lives in Bixby now in his wife’s house she stayed in after her divorce.

    What I'm saying is I've moved on from my days in Tulsa and when my folks are finally dead and gone and I settle their estate I doubt I will ever go back there again.
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    By the way I pretty much have a blank spot in my memory and cannot remember anything starting around the end of 1974 thru about the end of 1978. About all we did back then was party and get really wasted which is probably why. I can remember everything all the way back to when I was a small 5-year-old boy until about the end of 1974, but then I have a 3 to 4-year missing gap and draw mostly a complete blank. Then I can remember some things from 1979. Then around 1980 and 81 is where I can really remember things again.
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    I am the same way as there are periods of memory lapses going through those years. Funny how the women who accused Judge Roy Moore of "improper" activity 40 + years ago could recollect the most minute details. Perhaps that had something to do with coaching by Gloria Allred or her daughter Lisa Bloom.

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    It's probably a blessing. There are probably some things I did back then that I really don't want to remember. I think we forget some things for a reason :lol:
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    Hey, I remembered an old joke. Why is it so windy in Oklahoma? Because Kansas sucks and Texas blows :lol:
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    Hey guys sorry I got off track and forgot about the convo..
    I have been researching several DAC for my iPhone. I have some HD music that I want to listen to with my Sennheiser headphones.
    Also have been researching backpacking gear, planning my 1st time ever backpacking trip. Looking at a 2 night/3 day in Big Bend Natl Park .
    Also found out that 90 percent of the Natl Parks in the US have access to APRS iGates, but not Big Bend. So I am looking at building a
    Raspberry Pi with a USB SDR dongle to receive the 2 meter packets as well as a cellular modem built in a weatherproof housing with
    solar panels to power and charge the battery. I will have to pay for the monthly/yearly cellular data, but no big deal.
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    Just install echo link on your iPhone. The iPhone app is limited, but it works.

    Out here in Northern California we have fantastic hiking trials and I always wanted to create a little portable 40-meter radio setup, but for AM. Something that would put out a few watts with minimal battery power. I'm not really into all of that new technology stuff so I don’t have any interest in it.

    Anyway, I'll be back in Tulsa this summer for a week. Might go to Skiatook Lake on the 4th and watch the fireworks.
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    Okay what about echolink on my phone, why do I need it.?

    I go to Tulsa every summer in June to stay with pop while my sister and brother go out of town.
    This year I will fly to Tulsa June 8th and come back on June 18th.
    My older brother that lives here in Houston rents out a beach house in Galveston each year for one whole week.
    This year he has it the 1st week of July and my sister and brother that live in Tulsa will fly here for the beach.
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    EchoLink is like a repeater app for your phone or computer. It allows you to connect to other users and repeaters via the internet. An old ham friend and I used it a couple of years ago and we were using it to connect to one of the old repeaters in Tulsa. I'm in California and he was in Kansas.

    Well, you will be in Galveston when I'm in Tulsa. David Martin and I were going to go to Skiatook the last summer I was there, but his boat had a problem at the time so we never did. Could happen this year though, it just depends.