How to Ignore Members within QRZ Forums

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. W5HRO

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    There is a new feature or maybe not new within the new forum software. If you click on a members callsign to the left under their avatar you can select to ignore that member and it makes all of their posts disappear.

    Below is a screenshot of the Ajax dialog box that pops up after clicking thier callsign. In blue letters you will see Profile Page, Lookup Callsign, Start a Conversation, Follow and Ignore. Just click on Ignore then refresh the topic page once or twice and all of their posts will disappear. It will remove the temptation to comment back to those problem want-to-be-a-real-ham types that are not worth the trouble. I just did it to 2 or 3 members today that kept QRMing one of my topics.

  2. KA4KOE

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    I've already done this on QRZ forums with a few ankle biters as the continuous, snippy non sequiturs were a distraction.
  3. W5HRO

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    I'm probably going to disable that feature here because it's not really needed. On it's a different story though :icon_shh:

    Anyway, I've been streamlining the board to try to make it work like SMF v2.1. It's pretty close now and if you notice the right-hand sidebar/menu is gone. It takes a little extra server CPU usage to generate and maintain that unnecessary recent post data and etc so I got rid of it. I'm sure some members liked it, but I hated it and so did the server's resources.