Hitler's WWII 'escape' investigated by the CIA

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    There's a lot of people who have always believed Russia lied and Hitler did not kill himself and escaped to South America with the hopes of finally finishing an atomic weapon he could set off here in the US at a place like New York as a way of the Nazis rising up and saying "I'm Back..!"

    Well, looks like the CIA back then thought there might have actually been some truth to it.


    Below is a 1954 photo and its on the last page of the document they microfilmed back in 1963. They guy next to him, a former SS officer claims he went to visit Hitler regularly in Colombia. All I can say if true is, Holy Shit! It wouldn't be the first time recorded history has been proven wrong though.


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    I'm surprised Hitler could have lived that long to 1954 he was so messed up on Meth, and other drugs plus the Parkinson's disease. That last film of him greeting some of the Hitler youth outside his bunker you could tell he was done. No I find it hard to believe I trust what the witnesses in the bunker said, and saw Hitler shot himself.
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    There has been some pretty strong evidence that one of his main generals whom he trusted and that scientist was in South America after the war and they found the ruins of a laboratory and where they made a concrete pool that was shaped like long rectangles in the ground with pumps. Well, what would that have been used for? Think about it, spent fuel pool. That general also supposedly adopted a girl during the years he lived there until he died. There were in fact many Nazis who fled to South America and lived there for years after the war so the idea that Hitler could have escaped and lived there too until he died is plausible.

    Anyway, not sure Hitler had Parkinson's, it could have been a side effect from all the wacky cocktails that quack doctor was giving him. I agree though he probably wouldn't have lived many more years in the condition he was in, but 10-years is possible if that quack didn't go with him, which if I remember correctly, he didn't. I think he was captured in 1945.
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    It also wouldn't surprise me a bit if our government knew he and the other Nazis were there and performed a covert operation or operations which is why nothing ever happened. There are probably other CIA documents that are long gone or that will never be revealed. Same shit as with JFK's assassination.
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    Here's a little something on Hitlers health I've heard it mentioned more then once about Hitler having Parkinson's disease.
    The Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, was known to have Parkinson's Disease from 1933 until his suicide in 1945 [reference]. At the end of the Second World War he was largely confined to his bunker in Berlin. In his final days in the bunker, he shuffled around his room, mumbling to himself, repeating the same phrases, sometimes pointing to his hand and saying repeatedly, "Look it is getting better". It's not trembling so much, and I can keep it still". He
    had trembling hands and stooped shoulders. The stoop may have been due in part to a lack of exercise. He also had tremor in his left leg. The right arm trembled more than the left. With his hand extended and fingers spread he did not tremor. His shaking was related to emotional upsets. When the military situation became far worse his left hand tremor was stronger. At the end he had a stooped back, could barely walk, a shuffling gait, his right leg was dragging, he had head shaking. His left hand violently trembled on a limply dangling arm. Physically, he had quickly deteriorated and developed the appearance of an old man. The Nazi hierarchy had throughout tried to conceal his Parkinson's Disease by all means. There are two films of Adolf Hitler's last public appearance, one that was shown in which he displayed no symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, and another that was not shown in which he was displaying the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

    Hitler was treated by his personal physician, Dr Theo Morrell. Theo Morell was well known in Germany for his unconventional, holistic and alternative treatments. Dr Morell kept very detailed diaries of his treatment of Hitler's Parkinson's Disease. For more details see the The Secret diaries of Hitler's Doctor. This is the complete book. Hitler was being given 28 different pills a day along with numerous injections every few hours. Dr Morell saw Hitler every
    day, sometimes 2 or 3 times daily. Field Marshall Gerd von Rundstedt described Hitler as constantly fumbling with Vitamultin tablets or "whatever junk Morell had given him". Hitler was also a vegetarian, drank no alcohol, didn't smoke, and drank decaffeinated coffee. Dr Morell made an attempt at temporarily influencing Hitler's Parkinson's Disease by subcutaneous injections of Harmin (a MAO inhibitor) - one drop, then one drop, then two drops, and by administering one drop of Homburg 680 (an anti-cholinergic) - am, midday, evening. On April 22nd, 1945 Hitler dismissed Morell from his bunker in Berlin, saying that he didn't need any more medical help. Dr Morell's methods still continued after he went, because he left behind a lot of pre-prepared medicines, including those for Parkinson's Disease. However, just a week later, Hitler was dead.
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    Morell was a total quack and the majority of Hitler’s poor health was due to the treatments he administered to him. Now, that's not to say Hitler didn't have Parkinson’s, or maybe even Syphilis, but neither were ever proven. Those theories have been based solely on the last videos that were taken of him. The shaking and weakness could have also been a side-effect caused by one or more of the wacky treatments Morell was giving him at the time. No one will ever know for certain. Nevertheless, most people who develop Parkinson’s disease or Syphilis don’t die immediately. My next-door neighbor back in Tulsa was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the mid 1990’s and he’s still alive today, although my mother told me just recently that he’s gotten really bad now and probably won’t live much longer.

    The point is whether Hitler had Parkinson’s or not he still could have escaped to South America and lived 10 or more years before dying. The other point is that I don't believe for and minute the Russians found Hitler’s body and burned it. If they had found it they would have put him on display instead just like they did with the Tzars and there would be photos of it.