Discussion in 'Chat' started by K5IIA, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. K5IIA

    K5IIA Member

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone on the forum. Looks nice, good job to who ever did all the work on it.

  2. WD5JKO

    WD5JKO Member

    Hey Brandon,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Been a long time since I have heard the 2X813 by 2X813 rig on the air! :icon_angel:

  3. W5HRO

    W5HRO Administrator

    I like the avatar :mrgreen:
  4. K5IIA

    K5IIA Member

    I shouod be on this fall. Working hard toward getting it done.
  5. K5IIA

    K5IIA Member

    It was on my qrz page. Along with a pic of a warning signe with a rhino on it saying splatter sucks. They yanked them both off my qrz page after about a year. Lol