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    Happy 39 to Al W1VTP :icon_clap:
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    Mike, I think you left off a 1, should be 139 right? Typo? :icon_shh:
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    Sorry I've been out of touch, guys. 79 years old and still truckin. I'll be doing this season's rides on a 3 wheeler. 1,200 miles each season last & previous seasons. I'm hoping up up the mileage this year. That trike is a real speeder.

    Thanks, Al

    MY TRIKE 1(comp).jpg MY TRIKE 3.jpg IMG_1079 CP CP.jpg
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    WOW ! that's quite a contraption.

    I'm off the air again... had an intermittent short in the 2KV line to the amp. looked and looked, couldn't find a thing. Finally decided it was in the BNC connector on the jumper cable to the amp. Changed the cable and chassis connector and all looks well. Now the amp wont do squat. No time to fool with it now. I leave 23 APR to fly back to AR to clean out the house and put it up for sale. Returning around July, 4.
    73, Mike
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    Good luck on the AR trip. Don't overexert yourself