Ham radio and pacemakers

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio' started by K4TQF, Jul 3, 2015.

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    I was emailing with another ham the other day about antennas, when he happened to mention pacemakers. My XYL has one, but, my antennas are about 200 feet from the house. I would think she would be more susceptible to leakage from the microwave in the kitchen.

    The link below is from Medtronic, the manufacturer.
    http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Technology/Pacemaker/EMC Worksite Letter.pdf
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    In your situation I would use nothing but coax fed antennas and place line isolators here and there along the runs to keep RF from radiating off of it. Remember the topic about using ferrite beads slipped over a 1ft piece of coax? I'd make a bunch of them.

    Anyway, I wouldn't use OWL on anything because it will radiate when not balanced. During changing bands and tuning that would happen.
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    Yes, isolators on everything ! Good thing I found a whole 250' roll of RG-8 and 1000ft +/- of #6 direct burial copper for counterpoises & radials, etc... I think for the first trip up to the new QTH this winter, I'll take the little AN/URC-32 amp. It's about 125W. If that works out OK, I'll haul the big rigs up next year. ( If we stay ) The XYL complains sometimes when we drive alongside the primary wires here in town. I think they are 7500V. I'll ask the AEP/SWEPCO guy next time I see him.
    I don't get any reading on my EMF meter when I walk under them.