Had to breakdown and buy a new iMac today

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Sep 12, 2015.

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    I was working on another BB site today and all of a sudden the screen on my old 2006 24" iMac crapped out :mad:

    Well, what choice did I have but to quickly run down to the Apple store and buy one of the new 27" iMacs with the 5K retina display and the 1TB flash drive.

    Anyway, I put it off for as long as I could, but time finally caught up with me I guess. Hopefully this one will last me for 10-years too.

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    My old 24" iMac started working again after I turned it on again the next morning. What happened is the display went berserk and all of the pixels that were still lit were oscillating. I think what happened is it just overheated because it dawned on me I hadn't heard the internal fan come on for a few days. It could be just a bad fan or something that controls it. I may take it apart and check the fan.

    On this new one I stuck with the stock 8GB of ram because they wanted way too much at Apple for adding 8GB more to make it 16GB. I went online yesterday and ordered the 8GB more at RamJet instead for only $89.95. The 27” models have the 2 extra empty slots for it, 4 slots total. 32GB max.
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    Mine is a 2009 model and never a glitch. My neighbor just gave me 2 X 27" monitors that had power supply problems. I recapped both of them but haven't had time to test them out. Move is 3 1/2 weeks away...crunch time :eek:
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    That computer seems nice, but you are going to miss the transition to Windows 10. :-)
    On my Win7 box, I have had to uninstall two Windows updates, and then turn off automatic updates. The issue is Microsoft wants to transition all Win7 and Win8.x owners to Win10. In doing so they add the Windows symbol to the task manager, and it pops up from time to time to get you to agree. So Windows updates have changed from system protection to Malware. Your missing all the fun!

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    Jim, Brian, et al:
    I heard a rumor that 10 was free upgrade for 8.1 users. ( which I have on my PC ) Then, after 1 year, it was to become a subscription...
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    Windows? :icon_wtf: Never in a million years :biggrin:

    That's like buying an Android phone. Most of the apps you download for them contain malware. There have already been many reports to that effect. You don't have that problem with iPhones though.

    Microcrap stated giving their OS upgrade away for free because that's what Apple has been doing with OSX for a while now ever since Mountain Lion was released.
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    Bah... You Windows/Mac/Linux guys are all the same. 8)
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    Well, after the El Capitan upgrade and one update everything appears to be working fine.