Grill'n Time 2014

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. W5HRO

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    Grill'n Time 2014 has begun...

  2. W5HRO

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    Yesterday's first batch :mrgreen:

  3. W6ZKH

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    My second hobby.....and tasteful also..

    IMG_0982.JPG DSCN1397.JPG

    John W6ZKH
  4. W5HRO

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    Hey there's nothing like great California barbecue and good wine ;) Sure beats Texas barbecue and beer :icon_silent:

    Just pretend I never said that :icon_shh:

    Anyway, that reminds me because I still have almost a full tank or propane left connected to the grill. I should probably use it before it gets really cold outside.
  5. W6ZKH

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    Well I only have one gas unit, all the rest are wood burners, which include are Smoker and Santa Maria grills, but do have 1 propane smoker for small stuff. I do quite abit of Santa Maria TriTip over Red Oak, and then of course Piggy and Beef Ribs in Smokers... maybe that is why I had to go on a diet, hi. I also do Dutch Oven Cowboy cooking..


    John W6ZKH