Google Fiber may finally open the door

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Jan 1, 2015.

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    It looks like Google fiber just petitioned the FCC because they want pole access to everything the cable companies and AT&T have.

    I'm sort of a Goggle hater just like I am also an AT&T hater too, but if I was finally able to get fiber Internet to my house then I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I live in an AT&T district and cannot get Verizon FiOS because of stupid federal regulations which spun from the breakup of AT&T back in the 1980's. Maybe if Goggle succeeds I would finally be able to get Verizon. It would definitely start killing the cable companies for sure. Comcast would slowly become the next Radio Shack.

    I wouldn't react like this guy, but I think you still get the point :lol:

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    We will need to see what happens with this because its looks like the "Net Neutrality" push didn't work and has temporally backfired because companies like AT&T and Comcast are still trying to prevent it and it looks like the FCC may side with them for the moment. The FCC is going to vote on that next month.

    What everyone needs to beware of is that the companies like AT&T and Comcast are misleading consumers by using using scare tactics. What both AT&T and Comcast like to do is intentionally slow down peer-to-peer communications and use deep packet inspection to discriminate against certain protocols used in like gaming, video streaming, etc. Basically they intentionally reduce your upload and/or download speeds when you are doing certain things. What they have been trying to do is eliminate that by pushing the FCC to start enforcing "Net Neutrality". The real reason AT&T and Comcast are against it is because it will hurt them badly because they cannot support it so they are lying to consumers and using scare tactics trying to prevent it from happening. As of right now Verizon has the best, the fastest and the most reliable Internet service available including TV and phone via their FIOS network. The problem is most consumers can't get it.

    If Google can convince the FCC to give them pole access nation wide then it will change everything and it will finally start to deliver the knockout blow both AT&T and Comcast deserve. If all consumers are finally able to experience faster and more reliable Internet, TV and phone service they will never go back to AT&T or Comcast again. That's why they are misleading the public and it has been working because the public is ignorant to what is really going on.

    This is actually a really big deal!
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    Since the FCC unexpectedly approved Net neutrality yesterday its a good sign that they might approve Goggle fiber's petition next and grant them pole access to everything Comcast and AT&T has.

    It looks like here in Silicon Valley that Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Palo Alto are probably going to get it soon then San Jose where I live may get it after that. It will probably be a few years before I can get it at my house, but the same thing happened when I lived in Sunnyvale and DSL first became available there. Then within a few years all of San Jose had it.

    Below is the link to their expansion map and potential cities. If the FCC approves their petition then more cities should be added almost overnight.