Glenn Baxter, ex K1MAN has had license cancelled

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio' started by W1VTP, Sep 22, 2014.

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    Call your nearest FCC monitoring station and ask to speak with the duty officer.

    FCC Monitoring Station List

    The corresponding topic can be found via the link below. Actually this is somewhat old news.,175.0.html

    P.S. I think there is still one final matter pending in the court which will be the final ruling then they can send in the US Marshals to shut him down. They will confiscate all of his stuff and take him to jail if he continues and I'm sure he will. He's now an illegal pirate broadcast station.

    In the meantime keep calling the FCC monitoring station in your area and report him. I don't think the FCC has a valid address for him anymore so they need to know exactly where its coming from. Chances are they already know, but keep doing it just in case. Keep it fresh in there minds so when they get the green light they can move in and end it once and for all.
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    You know, I've often wondered how Glen's old buddies feel about all of this?

    That's K4KYV on the left and WA1HLR on the right :lol:

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    You mean other "Red Light Rule" enforcements or it being posted on the other board?

    If you meant on the other board then probably no more than about 30 seconds...