"Getting a big signal on 160-10M"

Discussion in 'Technical' started by K4TQF, Apr 12, 2015.

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    I ran across this, http://yccc.org/Articles/W1HIS/GettingABigDXSignalOn160-10.pdf while surfing around the internet for antennas to fit my lot. I wrote to Chuck, W1HIS, and he reported even better results now that he has elevated it a bit.
    From my new QTH in southern Maine, this would seem "ideal" as it has a cardioid pattern from the "low"end, that would be directed toward the lower 48. ( my new QTH is oriented SW-NE )
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    It wont hurt to try it.

    You might try to find a way to also add some kind of a reflector behind it so you can knock down HLR's signal at night. You probably wont be able to hear anything else but him when he's on :lol:
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    This multi-band antenna should have an omni pattern. I think the fact that it is so close to the ground gives it the cardioid pattern. It looks like a big spider web.

    I may need to put both 4-400s back in the amplifier if I have to do battle with Tim... :twisted: Looks like he's up on a hill about 85 miles N of me.
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    Only 85 miles away on say like 3885 at night will be all groundwave and just like someone only a few houses away on 10-meters.

    Maybe get a few big rolls of chicken wire and put it up behind the antenna to act as a reflector.