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    I went to pick up my 4-year old daughter at pre-school yesterday after work and when I arrived all of the kids were sitting lined-up in their chairs watching a movie since it was raining outside. When I walked in my daughter jumped up like normal and ran over to hug me and one of the smaller kids went who's that? Then another one said “that's her mommy” Then another one corrected them and said “that’s her daddy” Then one of the older kids said, “NO! that's her grandpa!” :eek:

    I guess when you have a kid when you are in your 50's be prepared for it. I can just imagine what her friends will think and say when we show up for her high school graduation :confused:

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    Brian, Your daughter is gorgeous, and I bet just as spunky as she is cute. You have a lot to be proud of. My little girl is almost 21, and I'm about to go pick her up and help her clean out her dorm room since the semester has ended. She will be a Junior this fall. These days you have to be careful with the little ones. In my time mom would let us play, unsupervised for hours and hours, and nothing happened. I do remember jumping box cars on a moving train....gosh that was dumb!
    I'm about to turn 60, so I get them gramps looks as well. :icon_wtf:

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    Thanks and she's a handful.

    Yeah, back in the old days we could ride our bikes far away from home, play in the woods, and etc. without fear or much supervision. Now-a-days you cannot even let them out our you sight due to all the bad people out there. You have to even be careful just taking them to the grocery store and must keep your eye on them for fear of kidnappers.

    I don’t know whether we were all just stupid back then and didn’t know any better and have learned or if the world has just gotten worse. There have always been bad people, but it’s probably just a lot worse today compared to back then.