FCC Says Oregon Ham Interfered with Others, Aired Music, and Failed to Identify

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    In a Notice of Violation (NoV) released June 5, the FCC has alleged that Thomas Ryan Price, W7WL, of Sweet Home, Oregon, caused malicious interference to other radio communications on 3908 kHz, transmitted music on the same frequency, and failed to properly identify. The FCC said agents from its Portland, Oregon, office on May 13, 2014, used radio direction-finding techniques to pinpoint the source of the interfering signal to Price’s residence and, further, observed that Price was transmitting music and did not identify at the end of each communication, as required.

    The FCC has called on Price to submit within 20 days a written statement explaining each violation, stating specific actions taken to correct each violation and preclude their recurrence, and include a time line to complete any pending corrective actions.

    The FCC said issuance of the NoV “does not preclude the Enforcement Bureau from further action if warranted, including issuing a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture for the violations cited.
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    I hope they keep doing this. There is another moron up in Redwood City, CA who does the same thing on 40-meters.

    Just too damm many upgraded CB'ers who should have never been licensed in the first place. What you do is call the nearest monitoring station and ask to speak to the duty officer.

    Here is the list: FCC Monitoring Stations