FCC Issues Notice of Unlicensed Operation in Public Safety Interference Complaint

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    The FCC has issued a Notice of Unlicensed Operation (NUO) to a Texas man for causing interference to a VHF public safety communications system in Dallas County. The FCC Enforcement Bureau issued the Notice to Bradley C. Pike of Dallas on May 17.

    On April 3, agents from the FCC’s Dallas Enforcement Bureau Office responded to a complaint from Dallas County Consolidated Services regarding interference to their VHF public safety communications system. Agents confirmed by direction-finding techniques that VHF emissions coming from Pike’s residence were causing the interference. Pike surrendered a radio signal jammer after admitting to agents that he had used the device, the FCC said.

    The Communications Act not only prohibits intentional interference, but the manufacture, importation, marketing, sale, or operation of devices designed to jam or disrupt wireless communications deliberately. Pike could face a substantial fine, seizure of radio equipment, and criminal sanctions, including imprisonment, the FCC said.

    Pike has 30 days to respond to the Notice, and the Enforcement Bureau “will use all relevant material information before it to determine what, if any, enforcement action is required to ensure your compliance with FCC rules. This will include any information that you disclose in your reply,” the FCC told Pike.
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    Any other details on this? I'm curious as to what frequencies this bozo was diddling with.
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    Bradley C. Pike of Dallas and they don't say. Probably because they don't want the general public to know what those frequencies are.

    Attached below is the notice they sent him.

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