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    I'm not really into this kinda stuff, but using instant checkmate I was able to track down another old radio buddy in Coffeyville, KS and he told me about EchoLink. Larry, WD0CBT sold all of his old HF gear and also got into the Internet real heavy, but he does EchoLink now instead. I installed the app on my iPhone and it looks like its works pretty good, but I'm still waiting to work him on it to see.

    Anyway, it is something to play with for a few days, but not really my thing. It is out there though if you like working through worldwide FM repeaters on your PC or smartphone.
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    I played around with it for the past couple of nights with Larry and it works pretty good. You can just communicate from computer to computer now without going thru any repeaters, but we did connect to one of the repeaters in Tulsa and worked a couple of guys who were surprisingly in Oakland, CA and New Mexico also using Echo Link.

    Anyway, just need to setup some HF AM links/repeaters on there. It can be done. Maybe a HB SS CCS Class C RF amp with a SS Class B push-pull modulator paired up with a small SS receiver combination (with squelch control).

    Right now I just need to setup one of my D104's with the FET buffer in the base and connect it to the mic input on my iMac :lol:

    P.S. I'm using CrossOver for Mac to run the Windows app: CrossOver for Mac