Don't try this at home

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by W5HRO, May 23, 2016.

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    Well, I think I will try this when I uncover my pool. It's getting close so maybe in about two more weeks.

    I wonder if it will do any good except totally freak out my neighbors. Need to research and see how it reacts to chorine and/or muriatic acid :lol:

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    Looks like the Munster's swimming pool.

    Make sure your neighbor isn't Al Gore he might turn you in for contributing to global warming with all the Co2 your producing:icon_crazy:
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    I did some searching around on the pool forums last night and the only thing it will do is lower the pH level a little. It will release a bunch of CO2 gas, but from what I read it’s a thing people like to do at Halloween parties because it will look like the Munster's pool :mrgreen:

    What I might do is wait until my pH level rises like is always does in the summer after topping it off with fresh water from the garden hose then throw some dry ice in. It might be good to cooling off the water when its overheated from the solar cover being left on too long. That Russian guy had it right, you want to break it up in pieces to get the maximum effect. There are some YouTube videos of idiots dropping in whole big dry ice blocks and with people swimming ::)
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    This video is good year after year:

  5. W5HRO

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    This one's not a candy bar :lol:

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    being a pool owner I will never swim in a public pool again. The kids almost always pee in the pool, but that guy in the video launched a gut bomb! The Free Chlorine would drop to zero, and the water would quickly become fecal bacteria soup.


  7. W5HRO

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    One thing I did find out and as I suspected is don’t let anyone swim in the pool if you put dry ice in. The CO2 gas cloud is harmless, but it takes the oxygen out of the air so if people are swimming their heads will be in the fog cloud above the water and they can pass out and drown. Apparently that has happened before where everyone in the pool died.
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    "Carbon dioxide when mixed with water produces carbonic acid, a fairly mild acid which acts to reduce the pH of pool water. If a controller or feeder malfunction occurs, the water will become carbonated, or fizzy like a soft drink, but the mild acid doesn’t give off fumes, and won’t be quite as corrosive or damaging to the pool environment and bathers, as a more acidic pH adjustment product would be."
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    And from that article...

    "Since CO2 gas is odorless, and heavier than air, the chemical storage room should be mechanically ventilated, with exhaust vents located near floor level. Like any pressurized gas tank, the CO2 tank must be bolted or securely chained to the wall. For safety reasons, the chemical room door should always remain open when the pool operator is inside the room. If a leak should occur, there is a danger of carbon dioxide displacing the oxygen, causing the operator to suffocate."

    People have in fact passed out and died from using dry ice and liquid nitrogen in pools. Don’t let anyone swim while doing it until the gas cloud has completely dissipated when using dry ice. The gas cloud does contain CO2.
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    Dam, how did I get so lucky? Pulled the pool cover off this morning and the pH level was dead smack normal and all it needed was chlorine and to be vacuumed.

    This is the first time I didn't to spend at least two weeks getting it ready. I should have it ready to use Monday which is going to be a 95-degree day here. The water is ice cold, but what the hell...

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    The party is at Brain's house.