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Discussion in 'Technical' started by KE9XQ, Jan 9, 2015.

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    Greetings Folks
    Bought two of those dongles awhile back
    and have not played with them yet. One of them
    said when I went to register it, that it was already
    registered... : ) Anyways, was wondering if any
    of you had played with these toys yet, and how they
    worked. I know this sounds Off Topic to me, but you
    can receive AM on a PA system or Crystal set so why
    not play with those new fangled Dongles. Have not
    looked into it yet, but heard that the up converters
    are a pain and hard to work with. (buy a local here)
    So, was wondering what kinds of surprises I might
    be into here??? Thanks for the patience and hope
    everyone's year is going to be GREAT!!!
    73 fer now
    Bill KE9XQ
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    I use an RTL dongle with the hamitup brand upconverter from NOOELEC.COM and it works fine business. Simple as pie. You simply have to enter an "offset" of -125,000,000 to have the software read the correct frequency. BTW, you don't use the software that comes with the dongles, that is for PAL or NTSC TV and it is NOT what you want. You download and install the drivers that come with the SDR# (SDR Sharp) software or SDR console or HDSDR. The file that installs the driver is zadig.exe .... you have to UNINSTALL the original drivers first if you already did so. There's some pretty straightforward instructions to be found if you google RTL SDR. It's great fun and often beats the capability of my Icom R75. For instance the SDR Console software has excellent Exhalted Carrier Selectable Sideband capabilities.
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    Thanks OM
    I think this will be a good tool
    to add to the arsenal : )
    A local friend followed his kids
    up the California coast while they
    were on board a boat with his
    Dongle and tracked them somehow
    and that sounded like a lot of fun too.
    I'll double check back on your post
    shortly, and download the software.
    Thanks again
    73 fer now
    Bill KE9XQ