Digging through the remaining Tulsa rubbish

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Aug 19, 2015.

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    I'm currently here in Tulsa and going through the remaining rubbish at my mom and dads house. This is stuff I had and used back in the 1970's.

    Below are just a few sample pics of the rubbish. I've already listed the DX-100 panel on eBay. I have lots of tubes I've been pulling out of stuff too like metal 6SJ7's, 6SK7's, 6J5's and several 6H6 current regulators.

    DX-100 Panel

    Tubes - 807, etc.

    Tubes - Metal & Glass

    NOS Electrolytic Caps

    NOS Electrolytic Caps
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    Every junk box item we hams collect has a story behind it. Where did we get it, how much did it cost, why did we buy it, how come it just sat in a box, etc..??

    So I wonder, what is the story behind that DX-100 front panel? Looking further at it, I wonder why somebody drilled an extra hole in it? :confused:

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    That one had a switch for screen modulation since DX-100's have a hard time producing 100% modulation with the stock setup and the undersized 60W mod transformer.

    Anyway, that's what I remember. It had an on/off swith to switch from plate mod to screen mod. I must have used it for parts because I still have the copper chassis too.

    DX-100 Chassis Top

    DX-100 Chassis Bottom
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    I also found the old supply chassis and pig-pole transformer I used for the old 813 amp I built back in the 1970's. That was the one George, W1GAC was helping me with over the air on 10-meters late in the afternoons before the band would shut down.

    I'm taking all of this home and can spay the topside of the chassis with some wrinkle finish paint and remount the transformer. The transformer has 2000V taps, 1750V taps and 1500V taps at 300mA and it used 866A's for the rectifiers (I think). The transformer was made in Blackwell Oklahoma. Someone gave me the chassis and the transformer in the very early 70's, but I don't remember whom.

    Pig-Pole Supply Chassis

    Pig-Pole Transformer

    Pig-Pole Transformer Label
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    Here's some more rubbish I'm taking back...

    Pre-Drilled Chassis


    NOS 24VCT 4A Transformers

    NOS Terminal Blocks - Box says Radio Inc.

    NOS Electrolytic Caps
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    And the final rubbish. There's also an adjustable Potter & Brumfield timer relay that was never used with the octal plug.

    Varmint XL-150 Linear

    NOS Relays

    NOS Relays, Timer Relay & D104 parts

    There's still more, but that's enough pics and details I think. The trunk of the rental car is fully loaded down now ;)
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    Yeah... all useless junk... Just leave it out by the curb and I'll drive over this weekend and pick it up ! :icon_shifty: Save you the trouble of hauling it back to the left coast...
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    Too late, trunk is already loaded down with 200lbs of extra weight :mrgreen:

    Already in Albuquerque getting a bite to eat.

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    Have to unload the trunk of the rental car today then it's back to work tomorrow. Only one day to rest :confused:

    We rented a rental car for the trip for under $500 total so we wouldn't put miles and wear and tear on our own vehicles. Way cheaper than plane tickets.

    Anyway, we stopped by the Grand Canyon this time and then spent the night in Vegas on the way home.

    See pics of the Canyon here: Grand Canyon Photos
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    The DX-100 panel sold on eBay and I already shipped it. It was either that or throwing it in the trash. Glad someone needed it :icon_thumbup: