Cutting Tube Socket Holes

Discussion in 'Technical' started by W5HRO, Jan 1, 2015.

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    Don't know what anyone else uses, but I ran down to the local hardware store yesterday because I needed to cut a hole in the RF deck chassis for my 1625 clamp tube socket so I could recess the base below it. I found some DeWALT hole cutters and the 1 3/8" size worked perfect and the 1 1/4" cutter is the right size for 8-pin octal sockets if you just want to mount sockets and not recess them.


    I think I remember there were hole punch kits around years ago, but I always used hole saws to do it, but they had more jagged teeth and took forever especially if you were cutting through thick panels and not thin chassis material. These DeWALTs have very fine teeth and it only took about 3 turns of the drill to cut through. If you are trying to add holes in something that is already built then I'm not sure using punch kits would be a good idea. These DeWALT's would be the solution, I think.

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    Greenlee is still the biggie for the electricians for punching conduit holes, come in a verity of sizes and tend to make a much cleaner hole. I have 3 of the 3/4 inch just for Motorola style antenna body mounts. I think they run up to about 5 inches and last forever.
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    Those Greelee punches work ok to hand punch holes on a bare empty chassis, but it does tend to bend the aluminum to where you have to pound it flat again after and you need room to get around in there to punch. They might be better for thick rack panels, but you need an air compressor and etc. to do it.

    The sharp fine tooth DeWALT hole saws actually work better for today's thinner aluminum chassis especially when you are adding extra holes to something that is already built.
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    Lennox and Morse make some very nice hole saws and arbors. I've used them for an number of years.

    hole800 2.jpg Panel 4.jpg
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    For me it was a problem to, to made nice clean holes into a chassis, until i buy these things.
    Use this already over 8 years, looks almost similar to the white ones on the previous picture.
    With welded hardened teeth ..
    USA made.. from Lenox..??

    But for really clean and nice holes i prefer the " Tork cutter ".
    4 mm Aluminium or 2 mm Steel, no problem..
    Use it by one strong Hitachi Electric bolt hammer equipment.
    One nice hole in less that 5 seconds. 8)
    20170509_213516 (1).jpg
    In factories they use almost the same by a pressure machine.

    Also useful if you need some other wheels on your car..