10-Meters Current AM Activity

Discussion in 'Ham Bands' started by W5RKL, Jun 30, 2014.

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    I have been monitoring 10 lately, even calling CQ on 29.0Mhz AM, but nothing heard. I moved down to the middle of the 10 meter band and listened for beacons. It's June 30 2014, 10AM CDT and I heard the following beacon stations between 28.275 and 28.300Mhz:

    1. K5ILL (S5)
    2. WJ5O (S5)
    3. WA4OTD (S7)
    4. KD4UTQ (S8)
    5. AC4DJ (S5)

    AC4DJ is from Florida, I'm listening to his signal now and it's S5 with some slight QSB on my Drake R4C receiver and a simple 10 meter inverted vee up 25 feet at the center.

    Mike W5RKL
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    Funny, I decided to record a quick video today after cleaning the shack some more getting it ready for repainting during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend where I'm taking some additional vacation time off from work and when I stopped taking the video the breaker who came in happened to be Jim, WD5JKO.

    Anyway, before the breaker came in (Jim) is the video of W5EMC below coming from my modified NC-303 receiver.

    P.S. Notice how good the video quality is from my iPhone 5S. The new iPhone 6's take even even better videos and photos.

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    I am glad that I said wasn't recorded! Something about peeing on the guard rail
    of the I5 during rush hour.. :-)

  4. W5HRO

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    That and the part about transmitting on the dummy load where a nearby ham heard you.
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    Here's another short one of Timtron today. At times he was peaking up to 35 over S9.

  6. W6ZKH

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    Quite abit of activity today on 10AM. I even worked M5AFD with my 25w carrier and A-99 vertical. Hearing mostly east coast stations at this time.

    John W6ZKH
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    More 10-meter AM today. The guy in the video that sounds good is one of my neighbors close by here in San Jose. I have like 3 or 4 AM'ers nearby. He's using a new Kenwood, but it's downward modulating when he talks and I can see it on the S-meter. The other previous video of W5EMC was doing the same thing. He was also using a Kenwood and he was dropping backwards as he talked as well. Looks like they never fixed the problem with the bigger ones that started with the TS-850S. They sound fine, but the power drops back when you talk, the exact opposite of what you want.

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    Some recent 10 meter AM using my Johnson Messenger II on 29Mhz (early 2015). The links are to my webpage since I only have Windows wmv video formats.

    A QSO with K1GUP using my Johnson Messenger II (Black Face) crystal control on 29Mhz


    The following is a Canadian station I came across cleaning my Heathkit Mohawk RX1 receiver. The receiver had been sitting for a bit and needed to be cleaned up.


    I periodically still monitor 10 AM on 29Mhz using my Johnson Messenger One (White Face) for any activity. I call CQ every now and then, maybe the band will open up soon.

    Mike W5RKL
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    Worked a couple of stations on 10 AM this afternoon using my Johnson Messenger One (7 watts) crystal control into a 10 meter Inverted vee up about 20 feet at the center, favoring east/west.

    WB7TAR "Jerry" from Benton City, Wash state (29Mhz)
    VE6KQ, "John" from Calgary, AB Canada (29.012Mhz)

    Both had good signals, some fading but solid copy.

    Glad to hear 10 opening a bit.

    Mike W5RKL