Carriers in 75m AM Window

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio' started by KA4KOE, Apr 18, 2016.

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    Many of us who frequent the AM window on 75m east of the Mississippi have noticed persistent, long duration carriers on 3880 KC and 3888 KC (as long as there is propagation it seems they are audible). The carriers have been present for about two weeks. Not sure if its malicious interference, harmonics, spurs, etc. The carriers may be originating from the New England area due to some reports vs. WebSDR checks. I've also informed the ARRL band intruder guys FWIW as well as the FCC FWIW to get all of our bases covered. If any have DFing capability you may wish to try and draw a bead on 'em.

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    I have not heard anything out here in California, but if it’s that far away I probably wouldn’t.

    What are the signal strengths of the two carriers at your location?

    At first you would think they are intentional, but why the one on 3888 and not on 3885? Are AM’ers going up higher to 3888? There are so many upgraded CB’ers on the bands now that it being intentional wouldn’t surprise me. Many get their tickets and it suddenly goes to their head and they want to play police, plus their old habits play a big part in it.

    Also, what could possibly generate harmonics at frequencies that close together? It would almost have to be coming from two different sources, but you never know. Stranger things have happened, I guess.