Can you find the reel to reel recorders?

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    Circa 2000. My shop @ 552 S. Main Street, Memphis, TN. A lot of Memphis recording history in this room. The 8 Track recorder behind me is an AMPEX MM-1000-8. Built on the AMPEX Quadruplex video chassis. Reel to Reel next to the chair is a Sony TC-650 my first R2R machine. Crown tube electronics in the rack to my right. Behind me in the roll around racks are the AMPEX (Sigma) mixers used at STAX & HI records and the AMPEX MX-10 mixers from Roland Jaynes Sonic studio. ( try wiki )

    552 south Main.jpg

    Crown GCSX recorder with homebrew mixer above. The space above the recorder was normally occupied by a Crown stereo amplifier. IIRC, it used a pair of 7581s in each channel.
    This one now lives in Hawaii.
    Crown GCSX with homebrew mixer above.jpg

    3M-79-24. This example came from ORU TV studio in Tulsa, OK. used 14" & 10.5" reels. Some folks say this was the best sounding 2" 24 track made in the US. Very few hours on heads. It now lives in Seattle, WA
    9687589998_0835eeb714_o.jpg 516435400_00558405de_o.jpg
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    Yeah, there were three NOS Tascam's still sealed in the boxes from the 1980's that sold on eBay just recently. The 8 track one sold for like $4,500.

    There are tons of used ones on there, but on down the road I will eventually find the one below when I'm ready and it will have to be near mint or mint.

    The 80-8 with the DX-8
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    IMHO, Tascam is crap. Always has been. Just like the Beringer and Heil stuff I hear people bragging about these days. ( I have known that huckster Bob Heil for 45 years ) All hype, little substance. The track width on the Tascam and others of that ilk, isn't wide enough to ever give any decent S/N ratio or dynamic range.
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    I had a Tascam 80-8 back in the 1970's, but without the DX-8 noise reduction unit and I loved it. I was using it for just basic home stereo system and guitar use to make recordings, etc. For consumer use they worked great, but a lot of audio engineers did use them too. They would often have two of them.
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    I set up a studio for a client around 1980 who had an 80-8 & whatever big console Tascam was selling at the time. EV Sentury 111 monitors. RCA 77DX & Neuman U-67's were in the building he rented. The previous studio at that location had a Scully 280-8 and an Electrodyne console. I engineered several records there. He also had a video production facility. That's back when you could by satellite time for $100/hr from RCA. We had a local facility that would provide uplink and anybody could grab the programming. Back in the days of the big dishes.
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    You mean like these 80-8 types and the console?


    Or maybe something cheaper like this?

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    I need three Crown knobs that even the "Crown Doc" doesn't you have any like these, or know someone who does?
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    I don't have any, I'm just now getting back into this stuff although I doubt if I will get that detailed into it where I ever have parts and knobs unless if it’s for McIntosh stuff maybe.

    Mike would be the one who might have parts like that. He recently told me that he might be moving back to Arkansas where he has all of that stuff stored. Maybe he will notice your post the next time he returns.
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    Thanks! I saw several of those knobs in his posted images...hopefully he'll have a few extra laying around.
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    Nice Topic..
    Somewhere on my roof floor I must have the World's famous Studer B77 from the Swiss brand Revox.
    19 - 38 speed, Full track machine, with almost new rec / playback heads in it..
    And somewhere (on the same floor) new Agfa Pro "Pancake" tapes/reels, but I did't seen it for some years.
    But.. it's time spend some time there to find some things back..:icon_yawn:

    B77 Revox..PNG B77 koppenset.PNG B77 direct motor drive.PNG
    Direct reel /capstan drive with big motors.
    Only one rubber belt... for the tape counter...
    Chassis is made from one peace aluminium.
    Real Swiss quality.. But, he wasn't cheap...