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Discussion in 'Chat' started by W6MQI, May 2, 2016.

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    Has anyone here in California seen the California Presidential primary booklet in their mail yet?
    OMG I started looking through it and I'm thinking is this a joke? Did a friend send this to me to be funny? These people are running for the Senate their going to try and dictate what I can or can't do all I have to say is were toast! What's with Jason Hanania on page 23 his statement reads (01100101) What the HELL does this mean? And the joke goes on and on yep were toast boys!
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    I never received mine so I re-registered to vote again online this last weekend. I have not seen it yet.

    When I moved out here the California I registered as a Democrat, but then quickly realized the ones out here are not like the ones where I come from so I have voted Republican the past few elections. The Democrats out here are completely nutz! All liberal communists and it’s getting worse.

    After I was divorced and met the new XYL she registered with her last name and got it. Then the second year I received mine and one for my ex and the current XYL didn’t receive hers. Then this year neither of us received ours. They normally send them out more than two months in advance. We have been voting by mail and with the corruption within all of the Santa Clara county agencies here they may have not liked the fact we were voting Republican the past few years since we were registered Democrats. Either they thought voter fraud was going on or they are just corrupt. In any event we both just re-registered as republicans, but I’m wondering if it might be safer to take our vote-by-mail ballots after we receive them to the actual polling place and turn them in and vote there instead of mailing them in. I no longer trust the corrupted system here.

    Here’s the real problem below though, even if Trump wins most of the country Hilliary will still win unless Trump can win either New York or Florida. I think he has a shot at New York, but he would need to pick a female VP to do it. Florida is possible too if he wins the white retired population, but neither will be an easy task.

    He needs to do something smart and pick somone like Joni Erns for VP.

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    Here, this is what Jason Hanania means:

    I have not read through any details about Jason Hanania, but he posts the above link on his website.

    Actually, my previous post above would be a perfect example. Trump could win the majority of the country and the popular vote really big and by a landslide, but Hillary could still win the election.

    I think most people would agree that current electoral system is not really fair and is long overdue for an overhaul. It was originally setup like is it to protect the minority so the mass could never rule, but times have changed. If we went to an evote type system then that old unfair electoral system could finally be overhauled or eliminated. It might not be a bad idea, but security issues and possible hacking could be an issue until they figured out how to secure everything properly. It probably wouldn’t be any worse though than all of the corruption involved within the current system and individual groups that are committing voter fraud or by just not counting everyone’s vote.

    However, I think what Jason Hanania is promoting via that website is completely insane and way over the top. Some type of alternative evoting system might be a good idea in the future as long as it basically just replaces manual and paper mail-in ballots and maybe overhauls, eliminates or at least simplifies the current electoral voting system to where it’s fair.