California loony gun laws

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W6MQI, Dec 27, 2017.

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    Here's a good video on what to do and what not to do with your fire arms in the state of Kalifornia. I'm still not 100% sure on one of my weapons I think I'm okay though. The guy points out lots of "Traps" that could possibly sucker ill informed people into making mistakes during registration basically making them felons.
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    It will be interesting to see what happens if they actually pass the concealed weapons carry bill through the house and the senate because Trump will sign it.

    So, if it did pass does that mean under federal law you can carry a weapon into any state? Will the new federal law make it legal to also carry one here in California? I can just imagine what Brown or who's ever in there next will do. They will probably ignore the law just like when Brown let those illegal aliens free and back on the street last weekend that were in jail via his Christmas pardon bullshit.

    It could turn into one of those cases where the Attorney General and DOJ have to intervene and send a federal task force into the state to arrest any official and even a governor who tries to stop or interfere with it. Much in the same way the Kennedy’s sent the national guard to the University of Alabama when Wallace tried stop those black kids from going there. My prediction is that will happen anyway sometime soon with the current federal sanctuary city violations. I think they are just waiting for the right time to do it politically.
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    I wish Trump would pull all federal funds from California just for shit like this. New for 2018
    SB54: Sanctuary State
    Restricts local law enforcement agencies from communicating with federal immigration authorities about people in custody, except those previously convicted of felonies in the past 15 years.

    SB29: Immigration Detention Centers

    Prohibits new contracts between local governments and corporations that run immigration detention centers.

    AB450: Worksite Immigration Enforcement

    Prohibits employers from providing federal immigration agents access to nonpublic areas of a work site unless they have a judicial warrant. Also prohibits employers from providing employee records to immigration agents unless there is a subpoena or judicial warrant.

    AB699 & AB21: Student Immigration Status

    Prohibit public schools, including community colleges, California State University and University of California campuses from collecting information about student citizenship or immigration status and that of their families.
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    He did, but a California judge blocked it, didn't they? I'm trying to remember...

    It's all going to boil down to what happens during the midterms here in 2018 and if Trump can appoint another Supreme Court Justice. Looks like there might be another court vacancy here in 2018 so that will more than likely happen. If the Republicans can also maintain control of the other then they can probably start doing something.

    Again, I think they are just waiting to see if there will be a right time to do it politically or not. The Trump team has learned because if you notice he is no longer making the mistakes he was making when he first got in there. They finally have a handle on it now and have the momentum.
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    Don't remember that one must have got lost in the ground clutter.

    Which one is that Ginsburg? She hates Trump she may try and hang on even after shes dead. Her last wish might be to stuff her flee bitten corpse then prop the old bag up in her office to make look like she's working. Maybe put a pen in her hand to make it look life like.
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    Last I heard just recently is Kennedy might retire. Ginsburg, maybe. Kennedy is always on the fence and has a habit of going either way on the issues.