California conservatives campaign to split from 'tyrannical' coastal cities

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    Here we go, sounds like a good idea to me as long as they don't included Santa Clara as one of the coastal cities. So far it's not, but one of their maps does show it now so its not completely over yet.

    "The New California State movement is growing. At the November 18, 2017 meeting of the New California Council of County Representatives the counties of Kern, Sonoma and Santa Clara Counties were certified by a vote of the County Representatives."

    This brings the total ‘ratified’ counties in the New California State movement to 15 Counties. Currently there are an additional 11 counties who have formed organized committees including Siskiyou, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Shasta, Plumas, Lassen, Merced, Glenn and Stanislaus. An additional 12 counties are in process to be organized by mid December 2017. New California’s goal is to be at 40 ratified counties by January 1, 2018.

    If Santa Clara becomes one of the fucked up coastal counties then I may have to move. Although it really wouldn't change much of anything other than splitting up the electoral college votes to where the Dems would have a hell of a time ever wining the presidential race again so I can see the strategy.


    Two men have launched a campaign to divide rural California from the coastal cities, motivated by what they referred to as a “tyrannical form of government” that doesn’t follow the U.S. Constitution or the state one, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    Unlike the failed 2016 campaign to split California into six states, the “New California” movement, founded by Robert Paul Preston and Tom Reed, seeks to consolidate rural California into a distinct economy separate from the coast.

    "After years of over taxation, regulation, and mono party politics the State of California and many of its 58 Counties have become ungovernable," the movement declares on its website.

    Preston and Reed say the citizens of the state live “under a tyrannical form of government that does not follow" constitutional requirements.

    "There's something wrong when you have a rural county such as this one, and you go down to Orange County which is mostly urban, and it has the same set of problems, and it happens because of how the state is being governed and taxed," Preston told CBS Sacramento.

    The "founders" have evoked Article IV Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution as justification for establishing a new economy with a new state constitution.

    It states that a consensus must be reached by the state legislatures of California as well as Congress. The process, according to New California representatives, could take 10 to 18 months.

    The New California movement unveiled a “Declaration of Independence,” earlier this week that called for a “free and Independent State” with “full power to establish and maintain law and order, to promote general prosperity.”

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    Great looks like Alameda is included in the SHIT HOLE state. Can I say shit hole because I wouldn't want to offend anyone saying the words shit hole the words shit hole seems offend some people, so I'll try not to say shit hole anymore sure don't want to offend anyone with the words shit hole.
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    The thing is if it was put on the ballot it could actually pass. I say that because there's enough people further inland that pretty much hate the counties on the coast so if that choice was ever put in front of them the outcome isn't really that hard to figure out. I'm still not sure where Santa Clara county stands though. As part of New California or as still part of the old? There are conflicting reports. On the local news tonight they said San Jose would be part of New CA but that's in Santa Clara County, unless San Jose would be moving ???

    Anyway, it's a pretty interesting idea that is well founded and supported by the Constitution. It has real merit and would most definitely alter the landscape and politics of the state or states forever. It could be another one of those shocker moments like Trump winning.