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    Yesterday I went to the Belton Hamfest in Belton Texas.

    Lots of AM'ers there, and a good showing of junk on the tables and boxes.

    Most of what I got was a small parts. I deliberately went with limited cash. I had $37 when I arrived, and $2 when I left. One impulsive buy was a guy outside with three boxes of tubes. As I was looking at them, the guy says, "$20 for all three boxes". So I look, and see several recognizable tube numbers. I took it.

    When I got home, further examining revealed a big surprise. There are 4 RCA boxed 7360's! I see those for sale at up to $40 apiece! Then there are two 6146's that appear NOS made by Sylvania, yet have the Heathkit name on them. Then over a dozen 2E24's mostly boxed. A few type 80's, 5Z3, 5U4GB, 12AT7, 6CG7, 6V6, 6F6, a boxed 6E5, an 829, and what appears to be two photo tubes.

    The only tubes I want to keep are the 12AT7's, and 6E5.

    Those 7360's are used as balanced modulators, and product detectors in several later vintage SSB tube rigs.

    Anyone interested, let me know. All I need is USPS postage, and a token amount to try to recoup my investment. The haul of 2E24's can go for postage only.:icon_angel:

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    You must have read my negative peak monitor posts :razz:

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    Nice haul!

    I'll have to think about this. Would you take PayPal?
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