75-Meters Band Conditions?

Discussion in 'Ham Bands' started by W5HRO, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. W5HRO

    W5HRO Administrator

    How are the 75-meter band conditions this winter? I still have not even turned on a receiver since last spring, but I might this weekend or next.
  2. CX4DI

    CX4DI Member

    I contact every weekends with some USA stations!
    and....we are in summer!
  3. Desertrat

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    I havn't keyed a transmitter in ages but I listen a lot and the lower bands seem to be pretty active . I'm hearing JA's Vk's and ZS'z on 40 meters and the western half of the USA on 80 . 160 is mostly local and back to Colorado and over your way in California . Not great but not as bad as I thought it would be with the solar conditions as they are. It varies from night to night too . The upper bands are stinko as a general rule from what I'm hearing . I'm in northern Arizona . N7BDY
  4. Desertrat

    Desertrat Member

    Why havn't I been on ? I moved two years ago and been too lazy I suppose get a decent antenna back up , just using a wire at the moment to listen on .
  5. W5HRO

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    Last winter the band conditions on 75 were terrible. I listened around on and off and then after spring hit I just turned everything off and haven’t turned anything back on since.

    I need to be in the mood to do it again. I almost did it last weekend, but we had and still have a heatwave here that looks like it will last through this weekend as well. Went for a long hike last Saturday and will again this Saturday. It's been almost 80 degrees here everyday for about the past 2 weeks.