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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio' started by K4TQF, Jul 13, 2015.

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    Well, with my upcoming move to Maine this fall (2015) I have been forced to move away from my 260' balanced line fed antenna. The new property is 100' X100' . I have a couple of trees 50' H ( +/- ) .
    Studying the available trees and distance from the rear of the lot... it looks like I can hang a sloping, inverted V in the tallest tree near the street (Northeast) and string each leg of the V toward the rear
    ( southwest ) property corners. They would slope downward from the tree.

    I have available 2 end fed "QSO king" wire antennas I bought for receiving. They have a well built PVC termination box with internal balun, SO-239 on the bottom, & stainless steel connections and hook eyes.
    I figured I will be better off hooking these together and using them as one inverted V, as opposed to 2 end-fed. I think they shipped with 117' of 14ga wire each. If my math is correct, I'll have plenty for an 80M "V" but, I'll be a little short for 1.9MC.
    I'll probably wind up calling CQ to all fish in the north Atlantic :icon_eh:

    PS: I put an ad on Craigslist this spring for a tree climber and got 5 calls :icon_thumbup: Prices ranging from $50 to $200 to hang a pulley.
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    What about just using a bow and arrow to shoot the Dacron rope or whatever over and through the tree?
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    The climbers are going to hang a 6" pulley & run the dacron rope thru it, to allow me raise & lower the high end for bad weather or other maintenance. My original post should have read: run each leg to the SE & SW property corners.