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    10 million Androids infected by Chinese malware: Report

    More than 10 million Android devices around the world have been infected with malware linked to China, according to a CNET report.

    CNET, citing an analysis from cybersecurity software maker Check Point, wrote that the "HummingBad" malware was developed by a team linked to an otherwise legitimate Beijing-based firm called Yingmob.

    The malware installs a piece of software onto infected Android devices that gives cybercriminals administrative-level access, which is used to generate fraudulent advertising revenue through forced app downloading and ad clicking, CNET reported.

    The majority of the malware's victims are in China and India, each with over 1 million cases. The U.S. has roughly a quarter of a million infected devices, according to the report.

    A spokesperson for Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) — which owns Android — said in a statement, "We've long been aware of this evolving family of malware and we're constantly improving our systems that detect it. We actively block installations of infected apps to keep users and their information safe."

    Click here to read the full story from CNET.
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    Gee whiz a guy can't trust anything these days the whole damn world is down the crapper, I suppose the Chicom's have even infected electronic toilets with virus's.
    The infection may heat the seat to burn an unsuspecting depositor or maybe even reverse the cleaning order or a listening device now that's weird who knows?
    Heck when Chicom's can just look at Hilary's server why go to this extent although setting her ass on fire would be fun :lol:

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