Another ham cockroach bites the dust

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W6MQI, Apr 11, 2017.

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    A ham recently hailed as one of the nations best known dealers in vintage amateur radio gear has been charged with theft and attempted bribery. Harold Guretzky, K6DPZ of Richmond Hill, New York was arrested on December 11th after a sting operation allegedly caught him in the act of receiving stolen property that police say he bribed an undercover officer to steal.According to published reports, Guretzky who was a civilian employee of the New York City Police Department and who worked at the police radio repair shop was on his job as a repair technician on December 6th when he is alleged to have approached an undercover detective and offered him a $100 to remove five pieces of test equipment stored in the shop. With the Queens District attorney's and Police Internal Affairs officers present, the transaction took place and was secretly videotaped. Soon thereafter, Guretzky was placed under arrest with the stolen equipment in his possession. Ironically, Guretzky also happens to be a trustee of a repeater in Queens, New York that is primarily sponsored by hams who are members of the New York City Police Department. The investigation of Guretzky's alleged illegal activities is being carried out under the supervision of Sargent Gary Weisbecker of the Queens Internal Affairs Bureau. Assistant District Attorney David W. Lee is prosecuting the case. If convicted on all charges, K6DPZ faces up to seven years in prison. It would suck having to send out one's radio's for repair this guy turned out to be a real scumbag. I imagine most of those radios in his possession were stolen from customers.!5slandair
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    Is this the cockroach?

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    I'm assuming so the guy sure did have a lot of radios sitting around some of those old Collins rigs I wouldn't mind having.
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    "For Shame" is all I can say; and 'throw the book at him', as too many of us have to work hard just to own used gear and this guy's buying stolen gear that came from someone who probably had to work a long time for it.