An Apple Car?

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Mar 28, 2015.

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    As funny and as crazy as it sounds an Apple Car could possibly become a reality someday.

    There were rumors that some Apple insiders wanted Apple to try and buy Tesla Motors, but instead they have recently hired some of Tesla's employees. I doubt this would happen anytime soon, but there is a very real possibility that Apple will try and eventually create a car. Even the Woz stated recently that he thinks Apple is currently working towards the concept of actually doing it.

    Every day on the way home from work I see at least one of the new Tesla cars drive (or should I say fly) past me. One went flying by me in the carpool lane at probably 90mph the other day. Those things are fast with a top speed of like 155mph and they do 0 to 60mph in just a little over 3 seconds :eek:

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    Think of the dragsters
    2 dozen years ago
    talking about a car lie this???
    Interesting :smile:
    73 for now
    Bill KE9XQ
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    I'd love to have one of the new Tesla cars, but they are still so expensive. The reason is how much it costs them to manufacture the batteries. They said if they can figure out how to get the battery manufacturing cost down then the price of the cars will drop significantly. The whole bottom of the cars are the battery.

    Those cars are made here just up in Fremont in the old NUMMI plant. I see them everyday on the road and I saw like 3 yesterday. They do go 0 to 60mph in just over 3 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. They are very fast. Tesla also just announced they will be installing charging stations up and down the state.
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    Here's what the new ones do :mrgreen:

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    Are they taking these babies out to the drag strips too : ) Looked like a few of the next videos were at the strip : ) That is one ride for sure. I'd have never believed it, but it looks real : ) Almost speechless... : ) Think I'll write to Santa : ) 73 for now Bill
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    I think they have a test location, but I think some of the shots were just on a street somewhere that wasn't busy.

    And yes, these Tesla cars are in fact REAL. They have a range of somewhere around 300 miles + or - a little. People here in Silicon Valley have started buying them to drive to and from work each day. Just think if they started replacing gas stations with recharging stations across the U.S. Like I said, Tesla is going to install more charging stations up and down the state of California. They just announced it recently.

    All I can say is that I want one :razz:
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    Did I hear somewhere along the line that these refueling stations could be for free??? : )
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    Most of them are free now. Tesla has stated they will offer owners free charging for life, but that probably will only be for pioneer buyers of their cars sort of like grandfathering the people who helped start everything in the beginning. The free offer probably won't last forever.
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    Imagine the over head :smile: :smile: can't keep that up forever. I heard a similar story of an experiment in California if memory serves me correctly of a car that needed little or no maintenance, it was not too long before the people in charge started adding two and two together... 73
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    Tesla Upgrades The Model S With “Ludicrous” 2.8 Seconds To 60 MPH Mode

    The electric Tesla Model S has already won more than its fair share of heads-up drag races thanks to the 691-hp P85D’s “Insane” mode, which hurtles the car to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds.

    That wasn’t fast enough for Elon Musk.

    Starting today, Tesla will offer Model S P85D owners an upgrade that unlocks even more power from the battery, pushing the car to 60 in 2.8 seconds and covering a quarter mile in 10.9 seconds. Total power rises to 762 hp. And because this is Tesla, the new mode will be called “Ludicrous” — since “insane” was already taken, and everyone loved “Spaceballs.”

    In a conference call with reporters, Musk said the upgrades were possible mostly due to a higher-capacity fuse that allowed the battery to send 1500 amps to the two electric motors. That speed puts the Model S firmly in supercar territory — faster than a Ferrari 458 Italia and Chevrolet Corvette Z06, and bumper-to-bumper with cars like a Lamborghini Aventador or Porsche 911 Turbo S.

    Why the upgrade? “We’re just trying to make awesome cars,” said Musk, “and we thought this would be awesome.”

    That speed comes at a price. New owners of a Model S P85D can get the extra circuitry for $10,000; current owners can pay $5,000 and some installation fees for the next six months. And those prices exclude the cost of another $3,000 upgrade Musk announced, a revised battery pack that adds 5 kWh to the Model S, bringing it to 90 kWh — which is required for Ludicrous mode.

    All of which would push a typically optioned Model S P90D to roughly $120,000 — expensive, but still qualifying for $7,500 in federal tax credits and more in many states, and less costly than some of its hotshoe competitors. In addition, Musk said the company was also offering a new lower-priced 70 kWh Model S at $70,000 before incentives.

    The world’s largest EV-only automaker draws intense scrutiny with its every move, from fans and haters alike. For them, Musk tried to stick to the news, although he did say the delayed Model X was still on track to start production in a few months, and that it too would have a Ludicrous mode. And there was even a hint of more to come along the Spaceballs continum: the next generation of the Tesla Roadster, due in four years, will have a mode called “maximum plaid.”