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Discussion in 'Chat' started by KA4KOE, Oct 28, 2015.

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    Myself and a couple of other folks have noticed a lack of resurgence in activity given the lowered static levels in the fall, at least as it seems in SE US.

    Is this a typical activity pattern? I worry with all this effort and expense I'm sinking into The Phil-i-Buster (Gates BC1T).

    I'm still fairly new to the scene of serious AM operation (under 3 years) so I'm not sure what's normal other than slopbucket-envy-QRM.


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    In your neck of the woods there should be activity around 3880 and then also on 3885 later at night as the band gets longer. I think most of the old big guns are SK now though except for maybe Don, but from what I've heard through the Internet the past few years there should be a ton of newbies around what they now call that 3885 ghetto area. That could have been exaggerated though, but I’ve heard it became pretty trashed out with really weak AM’ers and many on riceboxes since I’ve been gone.

    160-meters is a whole different animal and there never has been much activity on there. It has always been kind of sparse, but when winter arrives and it starts getting cold it usually gets better and the guys who are still around should start getting on there. It’s probably not like it once was though, because like I said, most of the old big guns are dead now.

    I’m really too far away now to be able to tell you for certain, but we have lots of AM activity here on the west coast and mostly around 3870, but as soon as I get back on I plan to start calling CQ on 3880 regularly. Maybe we can punch a hole there with super loud audio and open things up from east to west and bring back the old days.
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    I'm not sure how active Andy still is, but it looks like he just updated his webpage recently.

    He was always pretty active before I moved away so you might check out his page for skeds and etc. I'm sure that SAMRC club is still active.

    He still has that old photo of Hoisey on there too :razz:

    DUANE "HOISEY" HOISINGTON, W4CJL on his homebrew equipment.
    Hoisey was the founder of SPAM, the predecessor of AMI and a long-
    time advocate of "super modulation". The picture says it all.
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    Well, its time for the newbies to become Big Guns. I'm heading that way as fast as I can.
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    Sort of gave up trying to work anyone on 75m lately its been rather dead with anyone local here in the BA. As soon as I get my DDS working again the Johnson Viking will be back on line along with the new NC-303. I've been using the R4C for AM great receiver for CW, and SSB, but it sort of sucks on AM. From time to time I hear people on 160 never worked anyone I tend to stick with CW on 160.
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    Go to the 75-meter forum and read through some of the threads. There's actually a few AM nets during the week in the evenings starting at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm PST around 3865 and 3870. Then again on Saturday mornings at 8am on 3870 here in the BA.

    Some of the guys here in the BA are on SSB then they switch over to AM at those times. They work both modes using vintage tube gear. Sometimes the nets don't last very long if the conditions are poor and they switch back to SSB after.
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    In answer to the new AMers....AM activity can be heard most winter evenings when atmospheric conditions are good on 3875, 3880 and 3885 and sometimes around 3705 Khz. But, lately conditions haven't been normal due to unseasonably warm weather in the midwest. The key word is "patience". On a good night, from 9pm on, there can be quite a group of hams showing up on these frequencies. Turn your receiver on and clean the shack, read a book or work on an old piece of vintage gear while you listen for someone to tune up. Or, go ahead and call CQ a couple of times yourself but don't run off if you don't get an answer right away, wait for one of us to turn our old rigs on and let them warm up a bit. I found there are many stations "laying in the weeds" just waiting to talk to someone. I have on many occasions, simply tuned up and identified without calling CQ and had stations come back to me..... Be patient, one of us will show up. WJ9Y
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    It's just like the movie; "If you build it, they will come".

    Just get on there and start transmitting and they will come. I can remember times back in the southern Midwestern region in the late 1980's early 1990's where the frequencies would be inactive at times and as soon as I started getting on there every night the activity would all of a sudden come back. If no one transmits and everyone just sits there listening waiting for activity to happen then it’s your own dam fault. It only takes one person to start things up again.

    You would be surprised at how many people just sit there and listen, but never think of transmitting. The trick is to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes with the plate switch on tuning up the wick to make things quiet first :mrgreen:
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    I heard some guys on 3870 today nice and loud on the NC-303 only thing was I had to hold a plastic stick against the the 1st mixer tube twist my tongue to left and they came in real nice. Damn I hate intermittent problems.