AM frequency on 20 meters on West Coast

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio' started by W1VTP, Apr 10, 2014.

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    This is good - now, for the record, what frequency do you guys use out there on the West coast on 20 meters? I might give it a whirl some time with my Collins 32V1 / AL82 amp
  2. W5HRO

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    I hate to say it, but the AM activity out here on the West coast isn't what it use to be. 14.286Mc was always the main spot back when Les, K6HQI was alive, but I don't hear much there any longer. I've been hearing lots of AM activity on 40 meters around 7.295Mc on the weekends and then Timtron on 15 meters, but most of the activity here in CA is usually on 40, 75 and 160 meters. I heard Gary, K6GLH and Bobby Hallicrafters on 75-meters last week for the first time in like forever, but that's about it. If 6 land AM is on the higher bands then it's probably up higher like on 15 and 10 meters most of the time.

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    Glad to see the board back...
    14.286 must have been a standard calling freq for some time. My 60 + year old homebrew rig has a 14.286 xtal in it...
    TNX, MD
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    Yeah, it was until Les died, but that was actually a long time ago now. Can't believe it was that long ago, but it was. Time sure flies by...

    I think we are all getting old ???
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    As a "Not really OLD TIMER" ( started in 1980) With Les and the guys, i can still get on 20 M AM at just abt. any time, my Ph is 1-213-680-1264 just shoot me a text with time and freq. 20 has been poor after abt. 6 Pm CT all winter.

    73 KD6OS Ralph