6-Meters AM Frequencies

Discussion in 'Ham Bands' started by W5HRO, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. W5HRO

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    Anyone remember what the 6-meter AM frequencies are? I've slept about 20 years since then.
  2. W0WDF

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    It is 50.400.
    I need the correct crystal for my Gonset Comunicator III. I adapted one that will work but it.s not the right one.
  3. WB4WHJ

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    Thanks for the info. I got a old knight kit 6 meter tube rig I need to fire up. I have not used it in years.
  4. KE9XQ

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    Interesting to know Gents
    I've got a Lincoln 6 Meter rig
    I need to look for the schematic for
    and do a little playing with. She's
    been neglected for years, and needs
    a lot of TLC. But I don't expect to
    do much DXing with her either : )
    Maybe better then two meters, but
    do not expect very much from her.
    I'll look at BAMA one of these days,
    do one of you know of or where the
    book or schematic for this baby is???
    Gotta run for now
    Bill KE9XQ
  5. KM1H

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    When the band is open or there are a couple of AM nets running people spread out a bit. Others dont have an accurate enough crystal for 50.4mc which would normally be a WW2 surplus 8400kc FT-243 .

    My own 6 and 2M AM setup is a Clegg Zeus and Interceptor II using the same antennas I use for SSB/CW; about 120-130W carrier with a 4X150A modulated by 811A's. Ive worked all around the US/Canada and Europe with it plus some SA and other DX on 6 and a couple of 800-1200 mile E Skip and tropo openings on 2M. Been on 6 since late 56 and 2M since 57.

  6. KE9XQ

    KE9XQ Member

    Now that's dedication,
    I've listened to the bands for hours
    with narry a peep and the white
    noise starts to get to ya : )
    Bill KE9XQ
  7. KM1H

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    Just monitor one of the online DX Spotting sites while doing something useful around the house. A lot of modern radios also have a "Band Scope" which is a fancy term for panadaptor. Kenwood also had a couple of the SM series signal monitors which included a panadaptor option; I use a SM-220 with a modified TS-830 as the IF stage into a modified 60's Hallicrafters HA6 transverter. When Im down in the shack on HF I usually turn it on and watch the low end of 6 for anything strange. Caught a freak opening to JA that way some years ago that started as an AU to E event to the West Coast and something else across the Pacific; several others were making the trip and it has become a bit of a yearly event now.
  8. KE9XQ

    KE9XQ Member

    I thought of getting one of those MFJ
    beacon watchers, but hear it's nothing
    more then a glorified clock as to when
    the bands MIGHT be open. But I've
    really not looked into it yet. Would really
    love to have one if it was real time receiving...

    Did buy a bunch of those TRF chips
    and thought of building a few dedicated
    receivers for specific frequencies, and
    it would not matter if they were real accurate
    as long as you could tell there is activity
    on that band. Could use the same antenna
    and grounding system for all three or four
    receivers. Sort of lie a scanner, but all at
    the same time, just lower the volume or
    squelch until you can hear yourself think
    again : )
    Thanks for the ideas, I have a lot of work
    to do to catch up to some of you guys : )
    73 fer now
    Bill KE9XQ
  9. N1BUS

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    There used to be a net on 50.3 mhz about 25 years ago in mass. I think it was the qra net for lake quanapowit (not sure of the spelling) in wakefield mass. I had a lot of fun on it often using only 1 watt and home made transmitter with an nc300 receiver and a home made converter. I remember building the modulator section for the transmitter in a metal band aid box with a home wound transformer. I could talk to wakefield from danvers. There was a strong station in wenham W1jkw. most people in the net had beams, I had a dipole. The net ran on sundays I think at 11am.
  10. KE9XQ

    KE9XQ Member

    There is a two meter qrp transceiver plan in the Gqrp
    home built book. simple plan, I do not know where my
    copy is, but would be fun to put it on the air. I would
    suppose it to be fairly easy to put it on other frequencies.
    Only problem is to keep people interested even if they
    have the capabilities.
    73 fer now
    Bill KE9XQ