A tale of 2 tuners...

Discussion in 'Technical' started by K4TQF, Jul 21, 2016.

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    So, I find myself with two antenna tuners. One is a factory built 50 ohm to 600 ohm tuner made by Stoner Communications. The 2nd one is a nice homebrew job with SO-239 connectors for I/O (assuming 50 ohm ). As I ponder both, it seems to me that any impedance transformation from some nominal low impedance to a somewhat higher nominal impedance would occur at the input coil. Whether it be fixed coupled or adjustable link coupled.
    If that's the case, what would prevent me from making the output of the homebrew tuner feed OWL? Other than removing the SO-239 and replacing it with insulated binding post standoffs?
    In the case of the Stoner, it has a fixed 2 turn input link over a tapped 32 turn coil. Bands are selected via a stepper switch connected to C & L. The homebrew tuner is basically the same but the band is manually selected by changing the coils.


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    From what you said there should be nothing to stop you from using OWL instead of coax cable, just change the connector to posts.