70 years of Colossus

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    Passing this along from the "Boatanchors" list, for those who may be interested in the goings on at Bletchley Park during WW2. Only 518 views since Feb.

    "On 5 February 2014, TNMOC celebrated the 70th anniversary of Colossus, the world's first electronic computer. In 1944, Colossus Mk I made its first attack on a German Lorenz-enciphered message at Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, UK. In 2014, Colossus veterans, their relatives and guests watched a re-enactment of the breaking of Lorenz from intercept to decrypt."

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    You know, one of the complaints about the old vacuum tube computers back then was that the filaments would often burn out and the operators were always changing tubes.

    Well, I've owned tube equipment for decades and I can only remember ever having one tube where the filament burned out. I wonder how much it actually had to do with the tubes being mounted horizontal in those old computers like that one?
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    I was taught to never mount tubes horizontally due to sagging grids causing shorts. The guy who posted this on the "Boatanchors list" was calling for 807s to send over there. He said that he has already sent them 35 just to keep the thing going.
    At least they are making the effort, and I applaud them for it. :icon_thumbup:
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    That, coupled with the fact that all those 1s & 0s were beating them to death :icon_crazy:
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    Interesting film and Im sure many of you noticed the bank of AR-88's and HRO's.

    As far as tube failures it was that the tubes were either in very hard conduction or biased completely off for long periods which poisoned the cathodes. Later computer developments resulted in a series of "computer tubes" by GE with much longer reliability.