1600 KHz IFs

Discussion in 'Technical' started by KE9XQ, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. KE9XQ

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    Greetings Folks
    Been collecting now for a couple of years, and think I have
    enough of the 85 KHz Ifs for a HBR 13C build, but I still would
    like to find some 1600 KHz Ifs. Beggars cannot be too choosy,
    but would like them about the same size as the BC 453 Ifs???
    But will take what I can get if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
    Thanks for the bandwidth
    73 fer now
    Bill KE9XQ
  2. KM1H

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    Im not aware of any large size aftermarket 1600kc IF cans but Meissner, JW Miller and possibly others offered them in the small size.

    Another option is to use a 1415kc BC-454 can and pad down to 1600, or start unwinding a lot of wire from a 455-500kc version and reduce the padder cap value.

  3. KE9XQ

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    Thanks again Carl
    I do have a fairly good junk box,
    and need to go through it with a fine
    toothed comb. Guess there is more ways
    to skin that proverbial cat : )
    Appreciate that post OM
    More work to do...
    73 fer now
    Bill KE9XQ
  4. BBurns

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    Hello Bill,

    The HBR-16 uses a homebrew first I.F transformer. IIRC the original QST article on that model has directions for winding the coils etc. It might not be as high Q as a commercial job, but could probably be made to work.


    Brian B.
  5. KE9XQ

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    Thanks Brian
    I think I have most all the parts now, have to FIND them now : ) Some here some there, and some in the basement somewhere : ) I just put in a bid on an HBR 11 and if it's what I want, because it looks great, I will use it as it is. Not sure I will give up on the 13C tho. If it's not what I want, then will use it for parts... But things are starting to come together.
    73 fer now
    Bill KE9XQ