10-Meters 10 meters is open

Discussion in 'Ham Bands' started by W6MQI, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. W6MQI

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    Hearing XE1 beacons on 10 today also 15m is open as well to Costa Rica TI8.
  2. Desertrat

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    I've been hearing talk about 10 meters being open on different ham radio forums
    , but I'm sure not hearing much up here in northern Arizona . I guess I need a better antenna setup .... a dipole at 20 feet isnt cutting it .
  3. W4ARZ

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    Me too.. Problem is that hams just don't try to operate on 10 meters unless they can catch some rare DX. The 11M guys are always on but its a shame that 10M sits unused. Lots of fun on 10. Gets used during contests. not much else. pity.
  4. W6MQI

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    Well the CBer's are at least using it don't know about your location but, the CW section is full of them. Last year I listen to some local truckers in the 10m beacon section just having a lovely chat not a worry in the world what they were doing, and where they were. Also noticed some new CB's are coming with 12m and all modes AM, FM, SSB, and even CW to make it look like these radios are for hams.
  5. W5HRO

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    I have not even turned on an HF, MF, or LF receiver since last spring so I have no idea how the bands have been doing or even what's going on. Normally I start warming up the National receivers during the Thanksgiving holiday, but I've been having more fun using the McIntosh stereo receiver on VHF FM listening to KFOX here in San Jose on 98.5Mc most of the time or playing vinyl instead. I’ve just become totally burned out with ham radio. I’ll probably turn things on again around Xmas though, maybe.
  6. W5HRO

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    How are the 10-meter band conditions this winter, is it still open? I still have not even turned on a receiver since last spring, but I might this weekend or next.